The program helped me to explore my “personal purpose”, which is guiding me in my professional life.
Pam was a thoughtful, patient coach as I struggled to find my direction. She invested the time the way I needed her support.
I perceive myself in a different place now . . . more calm, without the pressure to immediately address each issue that arises in my work. Because of this calm, I am listening more and this is taking my relationships with others to a new level.

Erika Viccellio, United Way Thomas Jefferson Area, Executive Vice President


How has the coaching engagement with Pam impacted your work? My work with Pam helped me get more centered and focused on aligning my core values and purpose with my work.

I was contemplating a job change during our work together and my focus shifted from any one particular job to showing up the way I want to in all aspects of my life. It took the pressure off of finding the right job and instead focused my efforts on my work which encompasses my personal vision and mission and extends beyond where I am employed.

What challenges are you better able to face because of your coaching experience? I am able to recalibrate better. I catch myself getting in a frenetic cycle and have strategies for getting back to a centered place where I am more effective.

I am much more effective at facilitating, supporting and encouraging multisector collaboration. I have more tools for bringing people of diverse opinions and backgrounds together and moving us towards a toward vision.

Why would you suggest Pam to others? Pam does a great job of meeting you where you are. It is clear that it’s always “all about me”. At the same time she reminds me of things we’ve discussed in the past and I appreciate the balance of flexibility and accountability.

What surprised you about working with a coach? At first it didn’t seem like it could be relevant to spend so much time on things about myself but now I see how it has brought an authenticity to my leadership that has helped me to thrive.