Through a focus on the principles of conscious leadership, we partner with leaders in a thought-provoking and creative process designed to assist in the realization of their potential. 

We work with individuals to foster a greater awareness of their inner state and personal operating assumptions in order to be more purpose centered in an environment of complexity, uncertainty, and change. 

Our leadership coaching practice is built on theory and research in the fields of adult learning and development, leadership coaching and development, and depth psychology. We integrate our knowledge and experience to provide engagements tailored to the client and their context. We practice this work at the individual leader, team, or business unit level. 

What surprised me about working with a coach? At first it didn’t seem like it could be relevant to spend so much time on things about myself but now I see how it has brought an authenticity to my leadership that has helped me to thrive.
— Erika, United Way Thomas Jefferson Area, Executive Vice President