"In times of global transition of power realignment, each individual participates in the creation of a common future".

I am a practicing executive counsellor and a Jungian psychoanalyst with established clientele bases in Amsterdam and Rome. Having begun as a clinical speech pathologist in Sweden, I next acquired a PhD in Theology (Psychology of Religion, Amsterdam), followed by an accreditation in psychoanalysis in Zurich.

My professional career has been dedicated to leadership development in times of transformation. I specialize in applying spiritual principles to the problems of modernity, as these can be found in boardroom dynamics. I count as my clients the banking majors: ABN-AMRO, ING, and the Dutch Central Bank.

Since 2000, I have headed the International Desk at De Baak, the premier leadership institute in the Netherlands. I have been active in pan-European cooperative ventures, executing new leadership programs, and in establishing and maintaining the Europe Think Tank.

I am an internationally-published author of articles and books on new approaches to organizational development as well as on the daily practice of leadership.